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Incoming Freshmen Application Period Now Open!

Live a Legacy in a Fully-Restored On-Campus Historical Landmark

Thank you for your interest in joining the Bowles Hall Residential College (BHRC). Housed in the most iconic residence at UC Berkeley, BHRC is a significantly improved undergraduate experience that re-opened in August 2016 following a $40 million renovation and refurnishing. It is a robust, immersive experience where students excel in academic pursuits, acquire strong leadership skills and create life-long friendships with their Bowles Hall community.

Residents enjoy the stability and benefits of co-ed community and residency for multiple undergraduate years. The experience is guided by two live-in members of the UCB faculty as well as four Graduate Residents. Along with an active alumni group, these six in-residence members help guide residents towards achieving success both on and off campus. Through the development of academic, professional, and social relationships, residence faculty help achieve four-year graduations, assist students to stay on track, and promote readiness for careers and/or advanced studies upon graduation.

Based on the ideals and goals that form similar residential colleges at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge and other universities, BHRC is a living/learning environment that enacts our motto: Education Through Fellowship. Our approach to residential life empowers students to develop skills and capacities for negotiating an ever complex, diverse and changing world. BHRC builds a supportive community that fosters lifelong friendships that honor the proud history of Bowles Hall and respect the distinct identities and experiences of today’s students by acting with honesty, integrity, and respect for others while pursuing their individual academic and personal interests.

Unmatched Guidance and Counseling
Led by two live-in members of the UCB faculty – Principal Prof. Dennis Lieu and Dean Dr. Melissa Bayne – a central element of the Hall is its academic counseling and guidance programs. These guiding components are especially important for incoming students seeking to identify their aptitudes and interests so they may pursue a well-suited degree and career path. Through the development of academic, professional, and social relationships, the community focuses on crafting an academic plan for four-year graduation, assisting in helping students stay on track, and promoting readiness for professional education and/or careers upon graduation. 

Our diverse resident population enables peer support and perspective from various academic and social backgrounds. Beyond academic programs, volunteer alumni and friends of the Hall provide career guidance and counseling while live-in grad students and faculty mentor younger students, serving as advisors and student advocates. Throughout a student’s experience at BHRC, Hall alumni remain actively involved and willing to provide internships and networking opportunities for life beyond Bowles Hall at UC Berkeley.
  • Maturity and Friendship – BHRC offers a community and true campus home where freshmen learn from seniors and sophomores learn from juniors. It is a place where residents mature and develop social skills and a respect for all, and where lifelong friendships are formed.
  • Diversity and Dialogue – BHRC supports a diversity of academic majors, where residents and faculty members share ideas, experiences and exchange views outside the classroom setting.
  • Senses of Pride and Belonging – BHRC provides a residential bond where no one remains anonymous or uninvolved; where all participate in a suite of activities and events that reinforce a sense of belonging and pride in their residential surroundings and become part of a life-changing community.

Summer 2017 Residency: Session A Only

We are offering Hall residency for Session A (May 22 to June 30) only and all applicants must be UCB students. Our process asks for you to fill out a simple application that collects general information. We are charging $3,466 per student for a limited number of single rooms. Our fee is $3,079 per student to live in a double room. These fees include meal service (three meals per day Mon-Fri; two meals on weekends). Applications will be accepted until the Hall is full.

2017-18 Residency
The application process for residency within BHRC will be accepted until Bowles Hall is filled. Our application approach is to gather certain information to help us assess your interest in our unique living/learning environment. We seek a diverse co-ed experience where students across undergraduate class years, majors and backgrounds can collaborate in a student-operated community.

The first part of the application—entitled "General Information"—collects basic demographic and background details as well as key attributes needed to facilitate room/roommate placement decisions to be made in late May. This information will not be used to evaluate an applicant's qualification for admission; we support the Fair Housing Act as amended, prohibiting discrimination in housing based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status. 

This noted, because BHRC seeks students who are enthusiastic about our model and want to actively participate in it, we have the second part of our application—entitled "Open-Ended Questions"—where we ask you to submit responses (up to 500 words each) to a series of key questions that will help get to know you better and get a deep understanding why you want to live in Bowles Hall.

In addition to these two sections, applicants are afforded the optional opportunity to upload additional information you'd like us to consider (resume, video, audio files, etc.).

Upon submission, the application then goes to members of our Selection Committee, a group composed of several faculty members, current residents and Bowles Hall alumni. Having access only to essay answers, each committee member individually assesses student responses and scores each applicant based on a pre-determined scale. These ratings are then averaged to establish Accepted or Waitlist status for each application period. Notifications are sent via email to the applicant.

We thank you for your interest and we look forward to reviewing your application.

Bowles Hall Foundation
a qualified 501(c)(3) organization

Early Acceptance Period Opened: February 11, 2017 
Early Acceptance Period Closed: February 28,
2017 at midnight
Early Acceptance Notices to be Sent: March 23, 2017
Rolling Application Period 1 Opens: March 1, 2017
Rolling Application Period 1 Closes: March 22, 
2017 at midnight
Rolling Application Period 1 Acceptance Notices to be Sent by April 18, 2017

additional rolling application periods added on an as-needed basis

applies to transfer students and incoming freshman
Incoming Student Period Opens: April 1, 2017
Incoming Student Period Closes: May 8, 2017 at midnight
Incoming Student Period Acceptance Notices to be Sent: May 22, 2017

Acceptance offers were sent via email.